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Dance With Paisley


A dancer's technique is a key factor in skill development, execution, and injury prevention.


Dance With Paisley is a dance theatre and wellness company that educates, enriches, and inspires the community through dance. theatre, and health awareness. The curriculum and training schedules are uniquely designed to the movers' needs and requests.

We also offer pre-professional intensives quarterly.


Our classes include:


Mini & Me (18 months-2yrs)

Ballet/Tap and Hip Hop Mini (2-3yrs)


Jazz (6yrs-Adult) 

Ballet (6yrs-Adult)

Acro-Jazz (6yrs-Adult)

Broadway Tap (6yrs-Adult)

Hip Hop (4yrs-Adult)


Majorette/Cheer-Dance with Pom Poms (5yrs-Adult)


Phabphit Dance Fitness (15yrs-Adult)

Posh Heels ( 18yrs & up)


Integrated Energy & Movement (15yrs & up)

Stretch and Conditioning ( 8yrs & up)

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