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Phabphit Dance & Wellness

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 This is a high-energy dance cardio fitness class that combines foundational dance instruction with core exercises and body sculpting. We encourage our clients to embrace their inner fabulousness by stepping beyond their comfort zone and exploring the freedom of expression through movement.

Posh Heels

Posh is a heels dance class that incorporates jazz and hip hop fundamentals into empowering technique drills and fun choreography combos. 


POP Phitness (Pregnancy On Point) is a fitness class for expecting, nursing, and new moms consisting of fun light cardio and stretch combinations to fun energetic music.


Instructors reveal tips that could satisfy cravings and ease body discomforts.


Adults must accompany infant or toddler.

This program also included classes with children up to 24months.

Classes include:


"Wear your baby while you boogie!"

Phab Mommy

"Shed the baby weight, while having fun!"

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